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Comfortable Bag Strap

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Product Description

NOTE: The One Bag v2 and Waist Shooter both already come with this strap.  This product is for those who want additional straps for their other bags or for those who want a replacement strap.  

Some professional photographers shoot anywhere from 50-70 weddings a year and can average around 13 hours per shoot. So having a comfortable strap for your bag is a must.

Unique Shape

Most straps are designed so the entire width of the strap is constant. The issue with this design is that the point of contact, the surface area of the strap, is too narrow and so the weight of the bag is concentrated in that single area and essentially cuts into your shoulder. Some companies try to solve this issue by adding additional padding on the shoulder strap but this does very little because it doesn't disperse the weight. If you look at the top view of our shoulder strap, it's shaped so it bows out at the point of contact and the weight of the bag gets dispersed across a larger surface area.

Top Side of the Strap

In addition to the unique shape, we decided to use neoprene for this portion of the strap because of its elasticity and soft nature. On the topside, we used a durable nylon weave to prevent the neoprene from tearing.

Underside of the Strap

On the underside, we wanted to use a material that wouldn't easily slide back and forth on your shoulder. There's nothing more annoying to me than having your shoulder strap slide all over and next thing you know you have your adjustment buckle digging into your shoulder. To prevent this from happening, we used a Lycra cloth with a rubberized non-skid grip pattern that causes just enough friction to keep the shoulder strap in place.


The main concern with clips is that they somehow get stuck or jammed and then your strap comes loose. We must've tested well over 100 clips before we could decide on which ones to use. The test consisted of me essentially taking each clip through 1,000 repetitions to see if they would start to lose their spring or if they would start to jam. All the clips with cheap springs and joints would start to have issues. This one that we chose performed the most consistently, passing the test every time. In addition to my tests, we created the manufacturing quality control procedures to include testing and checking off each clip. In fact, you'll find in each of our products a quality assurance card that verifies all the critical components of the bag were thoroughly inspected.


Most straps are made using only one consistent material which is done for one main reason - to save on cost since straps are commonly overlooked. In order to create the unique shape and use neoprene on the center portion, we had to create a durable custom mold and stitch to bind the neoprene center portion to the nylon strap portion.

Nylon Strap Portion

This portion of the strap is made of the same nylon material used to make seat belts and tie-downs. The strength of this material is measured in 'break strength pounds' which is self explanatory. We found the perfect balance between weight and durability to be 900 lbs. Now please don't take this to mean that your strap can withstand 900 lbs! It means the nylon portion alone can withstand that amount. Anyways, the point being, you don't have to worry about this portion of the strap ever tearing.

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